HMpTy.htm.sets (class)

class HMpTy.htm.sets(log, ra, dec, radius, sourceList, convertToArray=True)[source]

Given a list of coordinates and a crossmatch radius, split the list up into sets of associated locations

Key Arguments:
  • log – logger
  • ra – a list of the corrdinate right ascensions
  • dec – a list of the corrdinate declinations (same length as ra)
  • radius – the radius to crossmatch the list of coordinates against itself (degrees)
  • sourceList – the list of source imformation to be divided into associated sets (same length as ra and dec)
  • convertToArray – convert the coordinates into an array. Default True. Can bypass the conversion check if you are sure coordinates in numpy array


Given a list of transient metadata (any list, possibly a list of dictionaries) you can divide the list to assoicated sets of transients by running the following code:

from HMpTy.htm import sets
xmatcher = sets(
    radius=10 / (60. * 60.),
allMatches = xmatcher.match 

raList and decList are the coordinates for the sources found in the transientList and are therefore the same length as the transientList` (it’s up to the user to create these lists). This code will group the sources into set of assocated transients which are within a radius of 10 arcsecs from one-another. allMatches is a list of lists, each contained list being an associate group of sources.

divide a list of sources into associated sets
__init__(log, ra, dec, radius, sourceList, convertToArray=True)[source]


__init__(log, ra, dec, radius, sourceList[, …])


match all of the assocaited sets of sources