HMpTy.commonutils common tools used throughout package
HMpTy.htm The HTM and Matcher Objects
HMpTy.mysql MySQL tools involving HTMs


HMpTy.cl_utils Documentation for HMpTy can be found here:
HMpTy.utKit Unit testing tools
HMpTy.htm.htm Tools for working with Hierarchical Triangular Meshes, including coordinate crossmatching


HMpTy.htm.sets Given a list of coordinates and a crossmatch radius, split the list up into sets of associated locations
HMpTy.mysql.conesearch The worker class for the conesearch module
HMpTy.utKit.utKit Override dryx utKit
HMpTy.htm.htm.HTM A Hierarchical Triangular Mesh object
HMpTy.htm.htm.Matcher A matcher-array object to match other arrays of ra,dec against


HMpTy.mysql.add_htm_ids_to_mysql_database_table Given a database connection, a name of a table and the column names for RA and DEC, generates ID for one or more HTM level in the table